About Me

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   Hi, I'm M.A. Bell and as of March 2, 2009, I'm attending a very intensive Web Technology program at my local College, sponsored by Emploi-Québec, by way of a career change.

   I have discovered that I love HTML and delight in CSS - I think javascript is nifty and prefer client-side technologies to server-side, although I can code for both. (Database is to me the adult equivalent of having to clean up my room as a teenager - but I can do it if I have to.) Using Photoshop is like sitting down to a great big plate of chocolate cake - I am apt to eat until I can't see straight. And Flash is just more fun than I ever imagined it could be.

   During my time in this program, I have been writing bits and pieces of notes to myself, kind of like a journal, and they are scattered all over my (way too huge) hard drive, saved with names that no doubt made sense to me at the time but that now are next to impossible to find.

   One way to keep this all straight, force myself to stay more organized, and preserve the memories I am making during this extremely intense experience, is to put it online.

   Now, I have always now felt that bloggers are either professionals who are using their blogs for marketing, branding or public relations purposes, people passionately devoted to a particular topic, such as photography or music, or bored teenagers seeking to expand the possibilities of future embarrassments (once it's online, it lives forever . . . ). But I hate Facebook, and I don't have time to Twitter.

   So, it looks like I, who have been extremely reluctant to join the "bloggers", now find myself in possession of my very own cyber-soapbox.

   To that end, I've been looking at the eleventy-million definitions of the word "blog" (online, of course) and I've come to the conclusion that a blog can be almost anything the author wants it to be. In my case, I'm going to use my blog to chronicle my transition into a successful graduate of the intensive Web Technology A.E.C. Program at John Abbott College, and, hopefully, on to a job as a web designer.

   So if you want to find out more about me, go check out www.webmom.ca and read my blog!