My name is Mary Alice Bell, and I have spent the last 10 months in an intensive Web Programming program at John Abbott College, in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, in Quebec, near Montreal.

Each student is required to complete an 8-week “stage” or internship in order to graduate.

I sent out letters to 21 different web design companies in the area, and interviewed at three, before making my final choice. I chose the place I did because it seemed to have a combination of the most interesting and challenging work, and to provide a broad spectrum of services, from simple brochure-type websites, to intricate and interactive Flash sites, to completely custom CMS suites. I chose this place even though it means a long commute both morning and night, because I think I can learn a lot there, and there was an indication in the interview that there may be a job for me if the internship works out well.

I will be using this blog in part as the notes for my final report and presentation at the end of the program. but I also want to have a record for myself of my progress through this part of my journey. I tried that during the classroom portion of the program with my blog at  www.webmom.ca/blog but I didn’t seem to have the time to post anywhere near as often as I would like to have done. I hope I’ll do better with this – I’m going to try to post every day if I can.

So here goes – wish me luck!