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Week Four – Day Five

I came in to work this morning – late, but that’s another story, and found out that Alex, who is the Project Manager here and has been my supervisor (should I capitalize that?), anyway, he was not going to be in the office today. I was surprised to realize I did not feel lost or anxious about this – I have work to do and I know how to do it, and I just sat down and started to get on with it. In fact I was happy to be able to repair the page I had messed up yesterday, and get it finished before the weekend.

This may not seem like such a big deal, but I am used to getting a lot of feedback on my work – after all, that’s the model in the classroom, and I was there long enough to get very used to it. But now I am out in the real world and while at first I was very apprehensive about  whether or not I would be able to hold my own, I find I am enjoying the autonomy more and more, and looking forward to accepting more responsibility.

I’ve been thinking more and more about what I’m going to be doing when this is all over – after all, I’m halfway through now, and it seems to have gone by pretty fast so far (Except for the traffic jams, of course…) I’ve been wondering about the other members of my class – what they are doing and what their plans are. So a few days ago I sent out an e-mail to all the other members of the class, asking how they were and what they were experiencing in their own internships.

I got only 3 responses, and of those, nobody said anything about what they were doing except to say things were fine. I am so involved in this experience that I find it hard to remember that not everyone is as invested or pre-occupied with it as I am. I think it’s a good reminder to me to not allow my horizon to get too narrow. I need to keep involved with my friends and outside activities. I’m going to go out to the country this weekend, where a friend of mine is playing with her band on Saturday night. And I’m not taking my laptop!

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Week Four – Day Four

Well, it was a very good day until about an hour before quitting time. Alex was busy with other stuff and so I was happily working away, laying out one of the interior pages of the site I have been working on lately. Everything was starting to shape up really nicely – the HTML was spare and clean, the CSS had everything positioned just where I wanted it except for one stubborn div in the middle of the page.

I tried everything to get that thing to line up – positive margins, negative margins, padding, relative positioning, nothing was working. So-o-o-o frustrating! I was really getting impatient. Finally I had a brainstorm – maybe the problem was not with the CSS, maybe it was the HTML! Sure enough, I had erroneously labelled that div and one other with an id rather than a class. Imagine my delight, such a bothersome problem, so easily fixed! I hurriedly went to “Edit =>Find and Replace” and replaced the id with a class. Then I refreshed the page and checked it.

I am not sure what kind of noise I made – but everyone in the office stopped what they were doing and stared at me. Several of them asked what was wrong, if I was OK. I could hardly speak, I was so shaken. A whole day’s work down the drain because I was too frustrated and in a hurry to stop and make sure I was only replacing the 2 divs – I had actually chosen “Replace All”.

Which brings me, as Stephen Colbert says, to today’s WORD – if you don’t have time to do it right the first time, how will you find the time to do it over again? (OK, I know that’s more than one word, but it is a good WORD nonetheless!)

Or, as my Nana would say – “Haste makes waste”.

Week Four – Day Three

Well, this week is flying by. I am truly enjoying the work I am involved in right now, and I think that has a lot to do with it. I feel much more at home here now, and apart from the occasional annoyance of the other intern, I think things are moving forward fairly smoothly.

And as for the other intern, I alternate between being extremely annoyed with him for just not getting it, and feeling sorry for him because he just doesn’t get it. What is it that he doesn’t get, you ask? He doesn’t get when to shut up. Plain and simple.

When he sneezes and someone asks “Are you OK?”, he doesn’t realise they are actually asking:  “Are you OK to finish the day or are you feeling so sick you should go home?”

The best answer to this would be “Oh, I’m fine, and I have hand sanitizer with me so you guys should be fairly safe around me.” Or even “No, I feel like crap and I’m going home.”

NOT: “Well, I’ve had this sore throat for about four days now, woke up with it one morning and it just won’t go away, but I don’t think it is Swine Flu, even though I didn’t go and have the free vaccination, I think those vaccines are not as safe as everyone would like us to believe, in fact I have a friend whose cousin’s butcher’s son had a very bad reaction to the flu vaccine several years ago, he’s never really been the same, although I don’t know him very well, but I heard it from a friend…” and so on, and on, and on.

He doesn’t get that this is a place of business, first and foremost, and NOBODY CARES how he is feeling, except insofar as it affects the quality of his work. He doesn’t understand the shorthand of social interaction in the workplace, and the subtle nuances that indicate when a topic has gone far enough.

So he is annoying, and I feel sorry for him, and I question if I’m getting it right myself, which makes me feel insecure, so that pisses me off, so then I get mad at him again, which makes me feel guilty, which….Oh, CRAP! I’m turning into an emotional version of him! He can’t shut his mouth, and I can’t stop this mery-go-round of feelings! A-a-a-ack! Help!

Week Four – Day Two

Today I continued styling the new website. I am slower than Alex but getting faster every day. A couple of times I asked him to come over and help me out with positioning the divs – I learned a couple of cool tricks from him. Seems like every time he helps me out I learn something new and time-saving. It still startles me when he takes over my computer without letting me know first, but he did do that a couple of times to check my work.

So I’m almost finished the first page, and I think the interior pages will go faster.

I’m exhausted – there were traffic accidents all the way home, making the commute longer than ever. So I’m calling it a day.

Good night.

Week Four – Day One

Wow – what a difference a little distance can make. After the weekend spent trying to get people at home to help me organize the house (not terribly successful, I soent the time mostly just lying around with a book), it is amazing how good it felt to be back in the office. I guess the trouble from last week is really behind me now, and I feel like I got a lot done today.

Our designer had a new Photoshop PSD file for me – I was to slice it and convert it into HTML and CSS.  Now, we had 2 weeks of Photoshop in class,  and the only slicing we did was, in my opinion, a terrible mess. So I was worried about this assignment. Turns out this is the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been here.

Alex showed me some really cool tricks for slicing up the PSD by using grouped layers and I ended up with about a dozen really nice images, instead of the 50 or 60 I would have had to deal with otherwise.

He also laid out the HTML for me – it is exactly what I would have done (although I did find out later on I had to add a couple of divs) After that I was actually looking forward to getting into the CSS styling. It is a very nice design, and I hope I can get the finished site to look just like the PSD.