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Week Seven – Day Two

The ongoing virus-hunt continues – the guy beside me found something on his computer first thing this morning – we spent some time looking it up to see what it does and what to do about it – then he had to use my work computer to do some stuff and I was relegated to just working on my laptop. I was glad to do it, it gave me a chance to follow along on one of the tutorials and I think I am really getting a handle on this stuff now – a small handle, but a handle nonetheless.

Then later in the day I spent a fair bit of time finishing up some odds and ends on various projects – organizing files and folders, stuff like that. As messy as I admit I am in my house, that’s how compulsively organized I am on the computer. (It thrills me to be able to find whatever file  I’m looking for whenever I need it – unlike my house where I’m lucky if I can find my family most of the time!)

I still have some catch-up work to do for the CGI part of  the program at school, but given the hours I am working it begins to look as if I may not get it done in time – I find I am less upset at the thought than I expected to be – but it does seem too bad to have put in all this time and effort and not even have a certificate to show for it… I just don’t know where I’ll find the time to get it done. I do actually know how to do all the stuff we’re required to do for the assignments – especially now that I’ve been working “in the field”, as it were – I just don’t have the time to write all the pages I’d need to do. I’ll have to see what I can get done this weekend.