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Week Seven – Day Three

I have to say I am looking forward, when this internship is over, to not having to write something every day – the record of what I did is valuable, but I do begrudge the time – I have such short evenings as it is, after being out of the house for 10 or more hours a day. (I dream of a day off to do laundry – pathetic!)

I am just doing pages again today, copy-and-paste stuff. I know it has to be done and while it is not urgent it is important – without content even the prettiest website isn’t worth much. But it is boring, repetitive work, so I’ll be glad when it’s done and I can move on to something new.

Week Seven – Day One

So today we finally finished the interior page content (product descriptions) for the site we have been working on for what seems like weeks now. They got the other intern to help me out. This sounded like a good idea, but the interruptions as we handed files back and forth really threw me off my rhythm and although he did get the last several pages done, I didn’t get finished integrating them into the menu and internal PHP files until after 5 pm.

Near the end of the day, one of the bosses came over and offered me the chance to download a bunch of really super video tutorials from a paid site where he is s a member. I jumped at the chance – this is a site I use frequently for the free content, but I have been unable to access the paid content – after all, I’m still a “starving student”! I downloaded a bunch of tutorials on PHP and also on using WordPress as a CMS – the first because it has become increasingly clear to me that every single site we have worked on since I have been here has used PHP to some extent, and the second because I think it is unnecessary to re-invent the wheel when all you have to do to accommodate a large majority of situations is a bit of an overhaul.

All-in-all a pretty good day.

Week Six – Day Four

I was happier to be back at work today¬† than I thought I would be – part of that due no doubt to the fact that my husband makes a very impatient patient! I left him to rest and take it easy at home for the day, but he’ll have to make his own snacks!

I was glad to have gotten as many pages done at home yesterday as I did. There are over 240 of them to do, and I am averaging about 25-35 a day, depending on how much formatting and spelling correction is required. I have gone from going slowly to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes, to “wow, look how fast I am getting!”, to “When will it be over, already!”

By now I have it down to a routine – edit and format the actual content of the page, save it with a very long and descriptive SEO-friendly filename, then add it to the PHP file that will call it to the location it needs to be in on the main page, save that file, add it to the menu file and save that file, test it in Firefox and IE, then on to the next…

When I got back from lunch I found everyone in a fluster – we have a virus on the loose. So the whole remainder of the day was spent trying to get rid of this virus that appeared out of nowhere. We can’t figure out how it got in, whose machine started it, etc, etc, and I really can’t see that it matters all that much – what we need to concentrate on is GETTING RID OF IT!!!

Week Six – Day Two

SO today I continued on with the pages – there are going to be 246 or so in all, so I have my work cut out.

I have made a template so it is going somewhat faster, but each page has to have the content text copied into it, in the appropriate tags so the CSS styling will be effective, and then the filename has to be co-ordinated into a menu include file and a contents div include file. LOTS of copy-and-paste!

This afternoon I started on the second batch of pages, these are to appear in the same location on the screen, but from a different parent page and under a different ID, and now they don’t seem to be loading properly. I am absolutely perplexed by this – I’ve checked the code 87 ways to Sunday and it seems to be all correct – I wonder what I’ve overlooked?

I guess I’ll work on it tomorrow until I get it right.

Week Six – Day One

This is going to be a short post –

Today I made 21 pages for the interior content of a site we are working on.

That’s it!