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Week Five – Day Four

.htaccess – I know a new swear word! .htaccess! This little file has all sorts of magic powers, none of which I seem to be able to harness correctly. I feel kind of like the sorceror’s apprentice – everywhere I point my wand, something happens, but usually not what I wanted to happen!

But, really – how hard can it be? I mean, the people who use this stuff are humans, just like me – and I do know how to use the .htaccess file to direct visitors to a custom 404, and to prevent file index listings from appearing if the index file is missing or misnamed in a directory, so I know I can figure this out if I just read enough stuff online. (But most of the articles seem to be written in something resembling Sanskrit or Urdu – cetrainly not English or any language I am familiar with. I guess maybe they are written for people who are a whole lot more familiar with the Apache server environment than I am.)

Anyway, wish me luck, the quest continues tomorrow…