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Week Five – Day One

Well, I thought things were going very well. I have arranged to work slightly offset hours (10 to 6 instead of 9 to 5) so as to miss the worst of the commute, and this morning the drive was a breeze – less than an hour! That`s about 50 minutes off my normal time. I can only hope the homeward journey goes as smoothly.

But I guess it never pays to get too comfortable – halfway through the day I found out I had missed a whole bunch of stuff in the site I have been working on.

To be fair, I was told at the beginning to just slice the images and set up the HTML and CSS – what I didn’t realize was that there are pages and pages of content that have to be added as well! And although all the files were in a folder on the key they gave me, I thought they were just there because the designer forgot to take them out before he gave me the image files, and I didn’t think it was my business to poke around and pry into stuff I hadn’t been specifically told to work with. Now I realize I should have taken the initiative and looked at ALL the files they gave me – then I would have known that there was an awful lot of content waiting to be dealt with. GAK!

So, after discussing it for a while, Alex had me cut up one of the pages I had done and create several smaller PHP pages, and we’ll load the content from them into the main container page (also PHP) dynamically – who knew I’d be doing so darn much PHP, eh? But I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and seeing how the heck these pages are going to be organized so they load properly.

The drive home was smooth and fast – I really like this, and I hope it continues – that today was not a fluke.