Week Eight – Day Two

OK – today I got about 60 pages into the database by 11:45 AM – then Alex realized that in order to query the db the way he wanted to, we had to add a column for the manufacturer’s name. So I did that, and manually entered the names for each of the pages, according to content. I went on and entered the rest of the pages – 115 in total – and was done by 2:45. I was so happy to be done with it!

Then Alex realized we had to be able to select for the menu and we needed three MORE fields – so I had to create them and then edit them according to either a boolean or an integer value…finally got finished just in time to clean up a couple of files on my computer and leave for the day. I sure hope Alex doesn’t realize anything else tomorrow! We’re supposed to be setting this all to PHP and finishing off the site – it is promised for delivery for Friday, my last day here.

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