Week Five – Day Five

Today was a great day – work was fun, learned about including special characters by using PHP instead of having to type in the ampersand (&) and all the special text each time.

But the highlight of the day was finding out that my daughter has been accepted to Kemptville University for September! We have been waiting and hoping for this for what seems like forever – and we are all delighted about it. She will be doing the Equine Technology Diploma program, and also concurrently the Riding and Coaching Certificate program. So she will be living in residence there, and taking our horse, Chips, along with her. Hopefully she will start a blog about her experiences there, or maybe I’ll just have to content myself with lurking her Facebook page….

That means I’ll have to find a job pretty quickly once this internship is over, since I’ll be wanting to have a horse here for myself!

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