Week Seven – Day Four

Well, be careful what you wish for. First thing this morning I was told I had a new assignment – slice and code the landing page for the site we have been working on.

I had been longing for a new assignment – this should be fun (my first thought). Then I saw the challenge I was facing – taking one large image, and not using ImageMapping, slice the layers and create the page so all the images were in the CSS, not the HTML, and yet have ONLY images, no text, and links on the images. Also, write a javascript to  read the browser window’s size and load different style sheets to fit, and write the stylesheets to go with it, sizing the images accordingly as well.

It took me all day but I got it done – setting up the divs and putting links for images that exist in the CSS (you can’t have a link outside a whole div, and with no text to put the link on…) It was tough and I had to ask Alex for help at one point but I did get it done.

One of the last things I did was to tweak the javascript to display the image without having it overflow at all, in whatever browser, at whatever resolution – this  was not as hard as it sounds, – all you do is call the CSS for the resolution below the one in the browser and set all your margins to “auto” and there you are. I am so glad I know how to do this now – it is a very handy trick to know and this method will adapt itself to other sites very easily.

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