Week Three – Day One

OK – today was the best day of all, so far.

I came in to find and e-mail from Al, telling me he was running late getting in and outlining what he wanted me to do until he got there. This indicates to me he has a level of confidence in me, which at the same time makes me proud of my accomplishment so far, and determined to justify it by having everything done as fast and as well as possible.

Basically I was to continue on with the Flash project, working on his computer while we prepared to format mine and get it all cleaned up so it will run more smoothly. I got going on that, and got most of it done, but then ran into a snag in the original code that I was not able to correct. So, not to waste time sitting around wondering what to do, I decided to go back and double-check all the work from last week. Lucky I did – I found an error and was able to let Al know where to look to fix it.

Once Al got in to the office, he set me to backing up the user-generated files from my computer and also that of one of the other stageaires, and then I reinstalled Vista, formatting the hard drive as part of the process. I hope this means the computer will not crash as often!

As I was waiting during the long intervals when Windows was working in the background, I was able to watch and learn as AL started developing a custom CMS for a client. The high point of my day came when he was having trouble positioning some small images and I was able to suggest a CSS fix that worked for him! Go, me!

Tomorrow I will bring in my old monitor and we will set up my computer so I can work across two screens – I can hardly wait!

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