Week Three – Day Three

So now I have my lovely new laptop, and I have brought it in to work. I hope to be able to use it as well as the computer assigned to me, because it has more RAM and dedicated video memory, and therefore will be faster, and hopefully not freeze the way the assigned computer has been doing.

I am working today on finishing the non-profit website – it is based on a Word press template that has been heavily modified. Ed has re-written the PHP for the header, menu and footer includes, and I have been inputting ther text for all the pages , as well as the images, in HTML. Now I am doing the CSS for the site.  It is rather slow going because the positioning of text on top of images has to render correctly in all browsers – so far it it perfect in Firefox but all catawumpus in IE (well, yeah, what do you expect). I can’t seem to get it to render in both the way it should, but I’m slogging away, trying different things and looking stuff up in online tutorials.

In between times I am installing Open Office on my laptop, since the key for my purchase download of Office 2007 has died with my old laptop. I wish I could have backed it up but the thing was malfunctioning so badly I couldn’t keep it alive long enough to log in, and I couldn’t afford to buy a second hard drive and pay to have my info transferred. Besides, last time they did that for me they stuck everything into one folder and it took me literally months to sort it all out again.

So life goes on. I am still having problems with one of the other interns – he is annoying in the extreme and this reflects badly on all of us. I hope the behaviour of one of us will not affect the reviews and recommendations for all of us at the end of our term here.

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