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IS this an actual website?
Yes, this is an actual website. It is hosted on Hostmonster.com , where I host several of the sites that are included in the portfolio represented here.
WHY did you create this website?
This site was created as a class exercise for the A.E.C. (Attestation d'études collegiales) program I am enrolled in at John Abbott College, in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, near Montreal.
WHAT about the sites in the portfolio?
Those are also sites that are online. One of the was created as a Christmas gift for the man who owns the stables where my daughter and I keep our horse, the others were created as class exercises, to demonstrate various competencies as I progressed through my studies.
WHERE will you go from here?
The sky's the limit, really, although to be more realistic, I hope to get a job with a good web design company. I love working in this medium - it is constantly growing and changing and I will never, EVER be bored as long as I am doing this!